40/2 Linen

100% Wet Spun Line

Available on 100g cones with 1320 yds/cone (6,000 yds/lb).

Plain weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi to create a crisp but still drapey fabric
30 epi and 30 ppi to create a little crisper fabric which will still be soft.

Combined with 30/2 silk in the warp and weft:
Plain Weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi for a beautiful, stable and drapey fabric

Using 30/2 silk as the warp and 40/2 linen as the weft:
Plain Weave: 30 epi and 30 ppi for a fabulous, drapey fabric that is a little firmer than above.

What better way to describe this product but to quote a 5 Star Review from Rebecca Logan – July 30, 2019

Gorgeous! I’ve woven with this linen as both warp and weft, as it’s plenty strong enough for warp even though it looks too fine. Granted, I weave on a Louet Spring and wove with this linen during a humid stretch, so those things helped. But honestly, this stuff is wonderful to work with, and if you’ve been holding back, suck it up and just give it a try.

I like it most woven with 30/2 silk, as together the two fibres have the most wonderful hand, making the best summer scarf fabric I can imagine. The drape and hand is scrumptious.

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results