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Welcome to Jane Stafford Textiles

“We are all wrapped in cloth, from the time of our birth, until the moment of our last breath.”

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Guiding and Supporting Weavers for Over 30 Years

One could spend a lifetime exploring cloth and textile design, only to learn that they are just getting started – Jane Stafford Textiles is here to guide and support weavers of all stripes in every aspect of that journey.

We strive to inspire weavers to design and create the best possible cloth they can – to care about graphic, colour, hand, and drape – from beginners wondering where on earth to start, to experienced production weavers searching for new horizons.

jane stafford weaving supplies

Weaving Looms, Weaving Supplies and Much More

We feature over 30 varieties of high-quality yarns, including our very own line of hand-dyed silks and specialty yarns, all in stunning colour – over 1000 different options to choose from and ALL IN STOCK! We also feature every loom Louet manufactures, along with a few other classics, in our beautiful studio – nine different looms ready to be test-driven.

Unparalleled Service and Same Day Shipping

We offer unparalleled service, with same-day shipping on most items, and over 40 years of weaving and teaching experience to draw on, for knowledgeable, inspirational support.