Pushing the boundaries of plain weave – Season 3

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Release schedule 2019

Episode 1
January 10th
Using our reed to create Lacey fabric
Adapting our technique with our beater to weave these types of fabrics quickly and easily
Episode 2
Cramming & Denting
February 7th
Using multiple setts in one piece of cloth
Adapting our sleying & beating to create absolutely beautiful fabric all done in linen
Episode 3
Plain Weave Log Cabin Blocks
March 14th
Log Cabin can be viewed as a block weave and we can insert blocks of log cabin into existing graphics that you already have
We learn how to create asymmetrical & symmetrical log cabin
How to frame log cabin with other colours
Episode 4
April 11th
Using colour & weave effects from log cabin and pouring them into weft faced plain weave
Branching into twill & other tie-ups
We master the ideas around weaving on opposites
Episode 5
May 23rd
Getting your sett right for Warp Faced
Basic design principles in plain weave
How colour sequences work in Warp Faced plain weave
Episode 6
Simple Collapse Weave
June 27th
Ways to collapse a fabric
Creating puckery & 3 dimensional fabrics
Weaving with fine silk & merino in both warp & weft to create amazing scarves
Episode 7
Double Width, Double Layers
August 1st
This episode is a double weave primer
We look at weaving double width
Weaving 2 separate layers at the same time
Weaving a tube
Switching layers by manipulating our tie-up
Changing sides of our double width to get an entirely new graphic
Episode 8
Plain Weave with Supplementary Warp
September 5th
This is the first of 2 episodes about using supplementary warps
We learn how to figure out the sett, how to thread & how to control 2 layers in a super duper easy way
We look at all possible tie-ups on 4 harnesses to manage those supp warps
No extra equipment is needed for this!
Episode 9
Plain Weave with Supplementary Warp & Weft
October 10th
Our second episode on supplementary warp
Weaving supplementary warp threads made of merino sitting on a ground of fine bambu
We learn about the unbelievable graphic possibilities with just 4 harnesses
And then at the end we can collapse the fabric or not, so much fun!
Episode 10
Grand Finale
November 14th
We look at everything we have learned throughout the year
So much about bringing the lessons from Colour & Design into a whole new world
It all just keeps building and building and building

Colour & Design – Season 2

Wow you are good. I have learned so much from your online classes. This one on sett just blows me away. Jane, you are a national treasure!

Available immediately

Episode 1
One and only Guild meeting of the year 🙂
One and only Guild meeting of the year
Another chat about sett
Resleying without re-beaming
Episode 2
More on division of space
More on division of space
Your sample – asymmetry
Episode 3
Colour… colour… more colour
Colour… colour… more colour
Organize your stash
Episode 4
The Colour & Weave sample release party
Using Colour & Weave in a million different ways
In case you’re wondering what Colour & Weave is, it’s alternating sequences of dark and light.
Episode 5
More on Fibonacci
More on Fibonacci
Sample – Parrott
Clasped weft
Episode 6
Designing plaids
Designing plaids
Sample plaid and how to make it not look like a plaid 🙂
Episode 7
All about stripes
All about stripes
Changing things up again
Playing with a different weft
Sample stripes
Episode 8
Colour on natural ground
Muted colour gamp on natural ground
So much to learn from gamps
Playing with colour
Episode 9
And now for something completely different
And now for something completely different
Let’s make a garlic basket & festive star to give away in a few months
Episode 10
2nd colour
2nd colour gamp
Primaries & secondaries of black
Episode 11
Grand finale
Grand finale
Putting it all together

Foundation – Season 1

Jane’s workshops strike the perfect balance between theory, technique and inspiration. Jane’s workshops are like eating potato chips, you won’t want to stop at one!

Available immediately

Episode 1
The importance of making a good warp
On a warping board
On a table top warping mill
On a big floor model
Tying the cross
Counting your ends and keeping track
Episode 2
Warping a loom back to front
Placement of the raddle
Spreading your warp
Beaming it
Threading it
Sleying it
And tying it on
Episode 3
Proper posture at the loom
Winding a good bobbin
Shuttle handling
Throw Beat Change Beater Back
Mending a Broken Warp Thread
A Brand Spanking New Weaver
Episode 4
It’s time we had a little chat about Sett
Wrapping a ruler for PW
Wrapping a ruler for Twill
Introduction to Master Sett Chart with samples
We now have a canvas
Episode 5
Project Planning 101….putting it all together
on your canvas
How Long
How Wide
How Much
What do all those numbers mean, Sheesh!
Episode 6
Division of Space
Fibonacci the man of my dreams
Broad Strokes and the Big Picture
Fine Tuning the Details
Episode 7
All About yarn
Man Made Fibres from Cellulose
Episode 8
All about looms
An overview of the 3 main types of looms
Counter-Balance the most widely used loom in the world.
Counter-Marche Looms
Jack Looms
Episode 9
Making a Mohair Blankie….Yes!
Making the fuzziest warp ever
Tying one on at the front
Winding it on…easy, peasy
Weaving Mohair
Episode 10
Finishing up our first year with FINISHING!
Fulling that Mohair Blankie from Episode 9


What is the JST Online Guild?
JST Online Guild is similar to any Weaving Guild. You pay your yearly membership ‘dues’ and this gives you access to a library of videos and PDF workbooks created by Jane Stafford. When you pay your dues you get all the videos that are presently in the guild library and you also get the next ten that will be released during the 365 days of your membership.

Year 1 are the Weaving Foundation Videos: Making a Good Warp, Dressing a Loom, learning about yarns and sett, etc. Year 2 is our comprehensive Colour & Design Workshop where you learn basic design and colour theory and Year 3 is the full workshop Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave. Up to 3 hours of new videos released every five weeks.

The Online Guild also has a Forum where we do our Show & Tells and have discussions on the weaving related topics covered in the episodes.

How long does my membership last?
365 days from the day you register. After the 365 days, your membership will automatically renew unless you tell us differently.

Are the videos available for download?
No, our videos are not downloadable, but you can stream them over and over for as long as you are a member of the JST Online Guild.

Are there workbooks available?
Yes, we have supporting PDFs that you can download for most lessons.

Can I view previously aired episodes?
Absolutely! With your yearly membership you have access to all lessons & PDF workbooks that have been released.

Is there a weaving project for each episode?
Year 1 lessons are all foundational videos on how to make a good warp, dress a loom, how to calculate EPI, sett charts, project planning, how to weave a Mohair Blankie, finishing techniques and information on looms & yarns. We finish the year with the Mohair Blankie project that you can weave and you’ll be able to download the pattern.

Year 2 has 7 workshop samples that you can follow along and Year 3 has 9 samples. Each sample comes with a downloadable PDF pattern.

Is there a material list?
Yes! When you sign up for the JST Online Guild, we send you a list of the yarns you’ll be needing for Year 2 and 3.

Do I need to purchase yarn?
Year 1 lessons are all foundation videos so you don’t need to purchase any yarn for these lessons.

Year 2 and Year 3 both have samples. We have kits available for you to purchase in our Online Shop, but if you have the yarn in your stash we encourage you to use it. You get the draft with the video so you can even make substitutions.

All additional yarns used in the extra samples shown on the videos are available to purchase at JST Online Shop.

Do you provide additional weaving support?
We have the JST Forum on our website where you will find answers to questions related to the episodes and you’ll also be able to post as a member of the JST Online Guild. We also have an extensive Knowledge Base on our website that is available for viewing.

I’m a bit hard at hearing, do you have Closed Captions?
YES! we do!

Twills on 4

Scheduled for 2020

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