Toggle issue on “new to me” Jane Loom

Hoping someone can help me with a shed problem on my Jane. I purchased my loom and stand used. The loom is in excellent condition overall, and has the upgraded rollers. My problem is related to the lifting action of the toggles. When I begin to flip a toggle down, the shaft rises as expected. […]

Extra screw holes on the Jane Loom

I have just, excitedly, put together my 40cm Jane which I am going to use for sampling and workshops. I just need to find some yarn to wind a warp. We have moved house just over a year ago and most of my yarn is still packed!! I have a question on something I have […]

Mystery parts on my “New to Me” Jane Loom

I’m thrilled to be the owner of a ‘new to me’ Jane 70 Loom. There are a couple of parts on the loom that I’m not sure of what, if anything, they are for. On the inside of the sides frame at the front of loom there is a small wood dowel sticking out, I […]

Jane rollers

I bought my Jane loom second hand – new in the box – right around the time that the rollers were upgraded.  How can I tell whether I have the new rollers or the old ones? The new rollers are wider than the end cap.  They are 2.5cm wide. Here is a picture If you […]

Problem with cords coming loose on my older Louet Jane

I am doing a 4 shaft project.  When I raise the 3 and 4th shaft, the cords for shafts 1 and 2 come loose. Also, when I lift shafts 2 and 3, the cords for shafts 1 and 4 come loose.  I’m sure I am doing something wrong.  But it is upsetting to see your […]

No shed at all on my Louet Jane

I bought my dream machine “Jane” loom and I love her to bits!! That built in raddle is THE best thing EVER!! BUT, I have a problem.  My husband and I followed the building process to the letter. (We think!!)  I have her dressed and ready to go. However, I can not weave because I […]

Assembling the Jane Loom and stand

I am almost finished assembling but am stuck on the attachment of three texsolv cords and eight screws. I cannot really tell what is going on with the cords- and I moved the beams to the lower level on the stand, so when I thought I was following the directions the apron rod would not […]

Is it possible to move just one of the beams down to the Jane stand?

Is it possible to move the cloth beam (I hope that’s the correct term, or that you at least know what I mean) down to the stand, and leave the warp beam attached to the loom itself?   Also, if the loom is on the stand, with one or both beams moved down to the […]

White cords jumping out of place after beating

I am experiencing a problem with my Jane table loom that two other members in my guild who have Jane table looms are also experiencing.  When a weft thread is shot and the fiber is beaten into place, the beating process causes the white cords that hold the harnesses to jump out of place on […]

Problem with beater on the Jane Loom

I have just purchased a Jane loom and I know I am going to love using.  However I am having a problem with the beater which is touching the right side of the loom and has a gap of about 0.5 cm on the left.  Consequently it makes an annoying scraping sound each time I […]