The Jane Stafford Textiles Studio

The weaving studio at JST is often described as a weaver’s paradise. We humbly agree. So much of our time is spent in the studio that we have worked very hard to make it a place that is not just our business, but also a place to become inspired.

Part sanctuary and part hive of activity, we really feel that the studio is the heart of our story.

Nestled in the woods on Salt Spring Island, the studio was built by our family with the express purpose of being a space for creativity. It has had many incarnations over the years, but has always facilitated creative passion.

We have hosted over 500 eager weavers from all walks of life. Beginners to seasoned experts, Jane has always brought the same patience and passion for teaching to each and every workshop. When we are hosting workshops, participants are able to experience weaving on every make of Louet loom available.

The Maiwa Boutique is our most recent addition to the studio. Jane is passionate about the work that Maiwa does with the skilled artisans from India and has brought some of the best pieces to Salt Spring.

We wish that everyone could come to visit us at the studio and experience it for themselves. If you are in the Salt Spring, Vancouver, or Victoria area we would love to see you.