Colour & Design

Colour & Design ~ A workshop for any level of weaver from toddler to advanced.

This is the perfect first workshop at Jane Stafford Textiles.

Do you have trouble making decisions around colour and design choices? If so this workshop is for you. This workshop gives weavers a framework for the design process.

Some people are lucky and they are born with an innate colour and design sense….they have ‘the eye’, but for the rest of us, well….. we need to develop that ‘eye’. The great news is that it is totally possible. Jane sees all handwoven fabrics as a rectangular canvas that we divide up into spaces with horizontal and vertical lines and then we imagine colour within those spaces.

During this five day retreat we will work on eight tea towel canvases that teach either a design theory or colour theory. We will look at colour as an emotional response and will learn how to respond to various sources of inspiration to bring new ideas to life in woven cloth. Jane has been teaching this workshop for over 15 years and it has set 100’s of weavers free to design their own individual ideas. You are guaranteed success.

Cost $850.00 This includes all materials and lunch.