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Learning to weave with Jane Stafford

“Weaving is like music to me and the loom is our instrument. I want to teach you to write your own compositions and to play your instrument well.”

All 2018 workshops are full.

I have been so blessed to be able to spend the last 25 years teaching weaving and learning from my students along the way. Teachers are always learning, rewriting and adapting their workshops to create the best learning experience possible for their students. The workshops that I gave 25 years ago may not bare any resemblance to the workshop of the same title given today. Every time I teach a workshop I try to make it better than the last time. What I’ve gained from this experience is the knowledge that I will always have something to learn about the simplest things. How cool is that?

In 2016 we started running the curriculum sequentially and 100 students committed to five years of sequential learning. As a result we are not taking any new students at this time. They started with Colour and Design and Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave. In 2018 they are moving on to collapsible fabrics and double weave. In future years they will take Twills on 4, Lacey Places and the last workshop in the series Units, Block and Profiles. As they finish these workshops in the studio I will offer each of these workshops as the programme for the upcoming year of the JST Online Guild.

In the past few years our workshops filled up faster and faster, 2016 filled up after just two hours of registration and by the end of the week we had hundreds of names on the waitlists. I needed to find a way to reach a wider audience… and so I brought the dream of the JST Online Guild into reality.

So to all the new students out there who would love to come and study with me here on Salt Spring Island I invite you to join the JST Online Guild and begin your learning experience. Come and join the party because we are all having a fabulous time.


  • 10 jam packed episodes a year,
  • all previous years’ episodes included in your 365 day membership,
  • watch them as many times as you want,
  • weave along with me,
  • download dozens of helpful PDFs and the full workshop booklets as they are released.

Here’s what’s on the way:

  1. The Full Colour and Design Workshop : seven amazing samples and I unload my entire process for you to scoop up and make your own,
  2. Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave 1 : Warp Faced, Weft Face, Denting, Cramming and Denting and Supplementary Warps,
  3. Introduction to Collapsible Fabrics and Double Weave,
  4. Twills on 4 Shafts: Small threadings, large threadings, tie-ups, basketweave and twill combinations, undulating twill, double faced twill,
  5. Lacey Places: Canvas Weave, Huck, Swedish Lace, Bronson Spot, Bronson Lace
  6. Units, Blocks and Profiles: Overshot, Monk’s Belt, Summer and Winter, M’s & O’s

and more to come after that 🙂

Our goal with the JST Online Guild is the same as it is in the studio: to provide you with a strong understanding of concrete techniques and the knowledge and confidence to bring your own visions to reality, to walk down your own creative path.