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Retreats & Classes at JST

“Weaving is like music to me and the loom is our instrument. I want to teach you to write your own compositions and to play your instrument well.”

All 2017 workshops are full.

Our weaving classes here at JST have been purposely ordered so that students can work from basic concepts, such as designing with colour and working with the many variations of plain weave, to more complex weave structures such as lace, twills and double weave.

Starting in 2017, we are running the classes sequentially – they begin with Colour & Design, and Pushing the Boundaries of Plainweave, and will run in sequence. If you have never taken Colour & Design before, you will need to start there to get the most from this experience. We are also launching an extend study program this year, that will allow you to continue your learning with Jane. There will be more details on this coming out in the next few months, but we are really excited to offer these courses in sequence, as well as offer more learning. We hope you will find it as exciting as we do.

When you take a weaving course at JST you get an exceptional, well-rounded technical and artistic experience with both lecture and hands-on practice. Jane’s weaving expertise stretches back more than 30 years of production weaving and teaching.

Our goal is to provide you with a strong understanding of concrete techniques and tools so that you have the knowledge and confidence to take your own unique vision and make it into fabric that you will be proud of. We want to help each weaver become their own designer and follow their own creative path.


…walking into a studio where all the looms have already been dressed for you with exquisite, colourful yarns each illustrating a different technique. You will go home with samples that are both beautiful and useful reminders of your learning experience.

The atmosphere here at our little studio nestled in the woods on Salt Spring Island, is perfect for complete immersion in the fascinating world of weaving. You will leave feeling confident, excited, and inspired.

Class Descriptions and Schedule

In 2017, Jane is teaching Colour & Design, as well as Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave. Click here for this year’s offerings.


Salt Spring Island has a great variety of accommodations – you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Click here for more information about retreat accommodations.


These classes fill up fast and registrations are accepted over the phone only. Please click here for more information.