Tide Pool limited time colour way


This beautiful colour way takes you oceanside, to a west coast childhood crouched down over tide pools enthralled with the biodiversity of life within, mindless that the tide is coming up to catch you off guard soaking your sneakers!

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$196 for 4 skeins.

JST’s Exquisite Line of Hand Dyed Yarns. Weavers have been lusting after silk for thousands of years. Just imagine those little worms munching away on their mulberry leaves and extruding this end product! Our 2/30 silk has a lovely soft ply and is suitable for fine scarves. For optimum drape we sett it at 28 epi for plainweave and 30 for twill. Now that we have it dyed in 42 colours, it’s even more alluring. 100% Silk Spun in Switzerland. 30/2 7500 yds/lb. Available in 100 gr. skeins with 1650 yds/skein.

Please note that these silks are small batch dyed and will appear very different than on your monitor. While we do everything we can to ensure that our dye lots are consistent, we do experience variations.


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