The Complete 8/2 Cotton Collection


The Complete 8/2 Cotton Collection – 1 cone of all 62 colours of 8/2 cotton. It’s like having a full box of pencil crayons:)

8/2 cotton is the most popular and versatile yarn for weaving and having the full colour pallet allows you the play with endless possibilities.

8/2 cotton (also known as 2/8 cotton) is available in ½ lb. cones with 1,680 yds per cone. (3,360 yds/lb).

– plain weave 16-20 epi (ranging from gossamer cotton at 16 epi to firm cloth at 20 epi)
– twill 20-24 epi (ranging from a nice drapey fabric at 20 epi to a firmer cloth at 24 epi)

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