Texsolv Heddles for LeClerc/Woolhouse floor looms 318mm


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318mm (12.5″)- blue twist-tie heddles for Leclerc Nilus, Colonial, Kebec & Weavebird Looms as well as Woolhouse Kirstin & Gertrude

Sold in packages of 100. Texsolv heddles are lighter, slide easily along pattern shafts, make no noise during operation and can be added or removed as required. Ease of adding heddles varies from loom to loom. Demonstrations of how to add heddles can be seen on our Weaving DVD. https://youtu.be/wC1kZj4tvaU

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Weight 40.0000 g
Dimensions 32.0000 × 2.0000 × 2.0000 cm


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