Sea Foam & Pebbles Tea Towel kit


Sea Foam & Pebbles Tea Towel kit

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These towels are the result of a friend’s request for a thinner towel with texture. We often weave towels with Bouclé in the warp and weft and that combination sett at 12 EPI and woven at 12 PPI makes for a lovely drapey, textured towel. How to make them thinner….hmmm. Okay I’ll change the warp to 8/2 cotton and keep the same EPI/PPI – I’m always up for a challenge. The beat was very light and I watched the negative space in the web more than I watched the actual fell line. I was looking for little squares at the interlacement points and that really helped. After the first few inches, my beat was bang on and these wove up very quickly. Once washed, they fulled beautifully and have given my friend exactly what she wanted. The colours she chose reminded me of pebbles on the beach. It was so much fun to play with colour and repetitive sequencing in the weft. I thought I had made a 13 yard warp but it turns out it was only 10, so I just got 9 towels…but if you make it 13 yards, you’ll get 12! You’ll have plenty of yarn in your kit.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Weave structure: Plain Weave
Material: 8/2 cotton & Bouclé cotton

Each kit makes: 12 Towels

Loom requirements:

  • Shafts: 4
  • Reed: 12 dent
  • Weaving width: 23.5″

Each kit includes:

  • Weaving instructions (including draft)
  • 1 cone 8/2 cotton – Black
  • 1 cone 8/2 cotton -Charcoal
  • 2 cones 8/2 cotton -Natural
  • 1 cone of Bouclé cotton – Teal
  • 1 cone of Bouclé cotton – Denim
  • 1 cone of Bouclé cotton – Black
  • 1 cone of Bouclé cotton – Light Grey

Additional information

Weight 1980 g
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 8 cm


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