School of Weaving Kit – s03e08 Simple Supplementary Warp


Things we will learn:

  • how to add supplementary warp threads to a plain weave warp
  • how to warp those extra threads in with the base warp
  • that you don’t always need a supplementary warp beam
  • how to manage the tension on the supplementary warp with a simple rod
  • how to manipulate those supplementary warps threads via the tie-up

Kit Includes:

  • 16/2 cotton – Fuchsia
  • 16/2 cotton – Purple
  • 16/2 cotton – Raspberry
  • 16/2 cotton – Cayenne
  • 20/2 Bombyx silk – Limelight

Select another 30/2 Bombyx silk to use for your weft, or you can weave the piece with your 16/2 cotton.

Jane uses bits of silk from her stash to experiment with different weft colours. Purchase the colours she uses below or use up your stash!

  • 30/2 silk – Dragon Fruit
  • 30/2 silk – Buddha Berry
  • 30/2 silk – Tiger Lily

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