School of Weaving Kit – s02e07 Stripe-tastic


Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Zebras have stripes and everyone loves Zebras

I love stripes…. fat ones, skinny ones,……fat stripes with
skinny stripes on them…..there’s so much to do with stripes.

The stripe has an ancient textile history but hasn’t always been loved. For much of history, the stripe was used to label you an outcast of some sort a leper, a prisoner, a prostitute to name just a few. Stripes had to wait for modern times to be seen as loveable.

Things we will learn:

  • That big division of space comes first even with stripes
  • How to create repetitive sequencing with narrow and wide stripes
  • How to work with colours of very close value and still see the graphic
  • How to use up stash
  • Learn the power of a zinger, even a thread or two.

The kit includes the following 8/2 Cotton:

  • 2 cones – Lemon
  • 1 cone – Butter
  • 1 cone – Nile
  • 1 cone Pale Limette

In this episode, Jane used 12 gauge Bambu in Aruba and Indigo for the weft of the scarf.

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