Josie’s Bambu Scarves


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Each kit makes 2 scarves.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Weave structure: 2 Block Turned Twill

Material: 7 Gauge Bamboo.   Can be adapted to any yarn.

Loom requirements:

  • 8 shaft
  • Weaving width of 24″ minimum
  • Reed used: 8 or 12 dent

Josie Clement wove this beautiful scarf for Susan (pictured).  Josie has been weaving since the seventies and is 91 as of the printing of this pattern.  She is an inspiration to all of us in the studio and is the perfect exemplification of the term ‘aging gracefully’. You can read more about Josie in our May 2011 Newsletter and in our September 24, 2008 blog.

Turned twill is one of my favourite weave structures.  The profile draft for this scarf comes from my “Units, Blocks and Profiles” workshop and can be adapted to any yarn.  The thing I like about turned twill is that you can put your colours in the warp and weave with just one colour in the weft, yet you achieve multi-coloured blocks.   You can weave your profile square or change the height of your blocks by changing the number of times you treadle them.  This system allows for many different graphic possibilities on one warp.



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