Online Guild Sample Kit #3 – Fibonacci with Gradation AKA Parrot




Things we will learn:
Using Fibonacci in yet another way. I have taken the numbers, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13 and added a zero to each one, i.e. 2 => 20, 3 => 30, 5 => 50, 8 => 80, 13 => 130. The graphic grows systematically.
The power of a line.
The idea of Same/Same. You have two ways to make your warp with the same colours – you get to pick – either way is equally beautiful.
Colour Gradation plus another element with strong contrast.
Clasped Weft Technique.
This sample has a few small stripes of Navy, if you purchased kit #2 you should have plenty of navy left over for this sample, if not, we have included an option to purchase kit #3 with a cone of navy.
Kit Includes:
1 – hot pink 2/8
1-  pale orange 2/8
1-   peacock 2/8
1-   fuchsia 2/8
1-  Apricot 2/8
1-Navy 2/8 (optional)

In this episode Jane uses 20/2 Bombyx Silk in Ariel’s Voice as the weft for the scarf. You could also use Blue 32 as an alternative



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