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Product Description

The Louet Spring is a countermarch floor loom available in 90 cm (35″) and 110 cm (43″) weaving widths. The loom can be ordered with eight or twelve harnesses. The Spring features the parallel countermarch system for harness action and the moving breast beam to control the tension of the warp.

Innovations match high expectations

These innovations make sure the loom matches the highest expectations weavers may have concerning the functional quality. Making or changing tie-ups is very easy: simply hook on the supplied Texsolv loop cords, which are pre-cut to the right length. The Spring has a patented floating breast beam. This special system allows you to weave heavily tensioned warps without putting any stress on the loom. The tension is always the same on the warp whether the shed is open or closed. With the wonderful shed this loom creates – your ability to weave closer to shafts becomes possible, cutting the loom loss on your warp.

Available in two sizes and in either 8 or 12 shafts:

  • Spring 90: 35″ (90 cm) weaving width – 8 shaft

  • Spring 90: 35″ (90 cm) weaving width – 12 shaft

  • Spring 110: 43 ½” (110 cm) weaving width – 8 shaft

  • Spring 110: 43 ½” (110 cm) weaving width – 12 shaft


  • Parallel countermarch loom

  • 3” inch shed

  • Built-in raddle and wooden raddle covers

  • Standing beater, with a hinge point close to the floor, the result is smooth movement and a favorable pivot radius to strike the fell line.

  • Removable beater & breastbeam for easy threading

  • Adjustable height beater

  • Floating breastbeam for superior tension regulation

  • Tension brake on warp beam

  • Brake disc with rotating crank handle

  • Back beam folds in for easy storage

  • Shaft bars can be easily clicked into place when moving or adding heddles

  • Made of lacquered beech

  • Castle section comes pre-assembled with built-in raddle and raddle cover

Included with the Spring Loom are:

  • Stainless steel reed 40-10 (10 dpi)

  • 800/1200 Texsolv heddles (392 mm)

  • Tie-up and lease sticks

  • Sixteen warp sticks

  • Assembly instructions & tools

  • Warping instructions

1 review for Spring II Loom

  1. Rebecca Logan (verified owner)

    The Spring II is everything I loved about the original Spring, plus all the upgrades I had ever imagined. Beaming on is super easy, and all the fiddly stuff (doing the tie up, threading, sleying) has been made easierdue to the ease of working without the cloth beam in place. The new sturdy front supports and thicker foot beam make me feel secure working around the loom. It just feels solid. And the treadling is so feather light! The eight inch sweet spot for weaving lets you really get into a good weaving rhythm. Overall, this is my dream loom. I couldn’t be happier!

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Dimensions (wxdxh):

Spring 90 – 120 x 94 x 115 cm (46″ x 37″ x 45 1/4″)

Spring 110 – 140 x 94 x 115 cm (53″ x 37″ x 45 1/4″)

Folded: 71cm (28″) deep


Spring 90-8- 70 kg (150 lb)

Spring 90-12- 75.5 kg (162 lb)

Spring 110-8 – 80 kg (165 lb)

Spring 110-12 – 85.5 kg (177 lb)

FAQs from the JST Knowledge Base related to the Spring Loom

Louet Spring Manual

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