Louet Octado Floor Loom 90 cm (35″)


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Another great dobby weaving loom from Louet with 8 Shafts it comes in 70 cm, 90 cm and 110 cm weaving widths (28″, 36″ and 44″).

A dobby mechanism (programmable shaft selector) is an alternative for the tie-ups to the treadles on a standard hand weaving loom. Looms with 16 or more shafts need a dobby mechanism, because it becomes unmanageable to operate such a loom with treadles.

The successful introduction of the Megado dobby loom in 1998, and the reaction of weavers showed us that a dobby is not only necessary for a loom with many shafts, but it makes weaving so much more comfortable. Of course this also goes for looms with less than 16 shafts.

An 8-shafts jack loom requires an average of 40 tie-ups on the treadles. A counter marche requires 80 tie-ups. This needs to be done in a very uncomfortable position. With a dobby loom, you can say good-bye to the tie-ups!

An investment in a Louet dobby loom will allow you many years of comfortable weaving.

The new Octado has a similar operating method as the familiar Megado. This means a big counter marche shed and a very light treadling action. Again, easy on the weaver.

The Octado can be operated with a mechanical dobby, or with an electronic interface. The electronic interface works with most popular computer weaving software, including Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, PixieLoom, Weavemaker, Proweave and Weave It.

The middle section of the Octado (where all the shafts are) comes completely assembled. A detailed instruction manual will help you to complete the assembly without any problems.

Loom dimensions (height x width x depth)
127 cm (50″) x 135 cm (53″) / 155 cm (61″) x 99 cm (39″)

Available accessories

Download the Octado instruction manual
Download the Octado interface manual

Here’s Jane demonstrating the Octado loom


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