Octado 70-27.5″ 8 shaft w/o Mech


Octado 70-27.5″ 8 shaft w/o Mech

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Octado 70-27.5″ 8 shaft w/o Mech


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Octado 70
Size: 115 x 99 x 127 cm (45 ¼” x 39″ x 50″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)

We have found that most customers find the castle section of Louet looms difficult to assemble correctly. That is why the Louet floor looms are delivered partially pre-assembled. The difficult castle section is one unit with the remaining warp beams, treadles, cloth guard, cloth beam, etc. coming in several separate boxes. Assembly of these pieces is required.

Octado Assembly Manual

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