Louet Megado Floor Loom 130 cm (51″) 16 shaft


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This innovative dobby loom is the flagship of the Louet family, and comes as a surprise to the complex weaver… sorry, only the weaving is complex! The Megado is simple, easy to operate, and robust enough to handle all your projects. To create a shed, we invented a new system. The selected shafts and the back beam move in conjunction to create a countermarch shed.

The Megado is available in 70 cm (28″), 110 cm (44″), and 130 cm (52″) weaving widths. It can be purchased with either 16 shafts or 32 shafts. The lifting mechanism is incredibly light to operate, even when lifting most of the shafts.

The Megado can be purchased with either the mechanical dobby head or an electronic dobby.

The Megado interface supports both PC and Mac operating platforms. We also now offer a USB to serial converter for our interfaces.

The Megado is made of Ash hardwood and is finished with a double coat of semi gloss laquer.

Megado 70 / 110 / 130 manual

Megado interface


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