Huckleberry Waffle


We are so excited to offer you this beautiful GOTS certified organic cotton hand towel kit. The colours, the texture, the pattern…LOVE IT!

Available in 2 colour ways Huckleberry Waffle Spring and Huckleberry Waffle Fall.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Weave structure: Waffle, Huck, Twill and Plain Weave
Each kit makes: 9 Tea Towels

Loom Requirements:

  • 4 shaft
  • Reed used: 12 dent
  • Width in Reed: 20″

The kits come in two separate colourways which include 8/100g cones of Venne GOTS certified organic 8/2 cotton.  Choose your favourite!

Spring Version:

  • Detailed weaving instructions (including draft)
  • 3 each of Opal and Lime
  • 1 each of Anemone and Steel Blue

Fall Version:

  • Detailed weaving instructions (including draft)
  • 3 each of Brass and Curry
  • 1 each of Lime and Opal

Read the story behind Huckleberry Waffle below


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The story behind Huckleberry Waffle:

Have you ever made a warp that seems to get the better of you? It seems like an awesome idea when it is an idea, but then it makes it’s way to the loom and you stand there saying….what was I thinking?

It all started with The Harvest Splendour Tea Towel Kit from last fall. It is a 3 stripe design with 2 side sections threaded with alternating curry and brass from our organic 8/2 cotton collection with a centre of lovely stripes in reds, plum and burnt orange. While I wove those towels I got so excited about the colour and weave patterns that popped out in the side sections. My next warp was an entire warp of alternating brass and curry from selvedge to selvedge….wow….what a lot of brass and curry! I tried to love it but it was too much.

After a couple of weeks of doing nothing I added a few zinger stripes of plum, but it still seemed wrong. Around the same time my friend Sharon was weaving waffle weave. She had woven an entire yardage for a bathrobe. It looked great so I went home and rethreaded my loom to a waffle threading and started to play with all kinds of sequences and different treadlings and tie-ups, it was just what this warp needed…some texture to go along with the colour.

Three towels later I noticed that I was running out of warp….how that happened is beyond me….I never make short warps. I was just getting in the zone and it was over….so I made it again playing with different colours and another 8 yards later I had 9 new towels…each one different, using repetitive sequences in Waffle, Plain Weave, Twill and Huck all on one threading.

I have written the pattern describing the design process and it includes all the tie-ups and treadling sequences to create some pretty wonderful patterning. They are all woven in organic 8/2 cotton which was so fitting as I wove them over the Easter weekend and it was Earth Day.

You could weave these towels in ANY colour combination, you just need 8 cones of Venne 8/2 cotton, 3 each of two main colours plus 2 more to create your vision complete with cherry on top! Check out our other colours here.


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