Huck Colour and Weave Zephyr Scarves – Dusty Roses


Huck Colour and Weave Zephyr Scarves – Dusty Roses

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Huck is such a pretty and versatile threading. We can move from creating the distinctive Huck “circles” that appear when weft floats alternate with Plain Weave to the full Huck Lace effect created by alternating warp and weft floats throughout. Huck always

pleases. These beautiful scarves were woven by Barbara Mitchell, one of our Dream Team members. In her words: ‘I dreamt of bringing this traditional weave forward into my wardrobe in an updated way.’

Barbara was inspired by the concept of layering colour and weave arrangements on top of the Huck Lace threading by the sampler created in the School of Weaving, Season 5, Episode 4, Huck Colour and Weave. From the many, many colourful pairings worked through in the sampler, she chose her very favourites and used them in these Huck Colour and Weave scarves. And there are so many other arrangements available, she could weave for a year without exhausting all the possibilities. Finally, she couldn’t resist using some of the new colours of Zephyr now available. Zephyr is such a luxury yarn, with 50% wool, 50% silk it creates a scarf with both lustre and warmth.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: Huck Lace with Colour & Weave
Material: 18/2 Zephyr 50% wool 50% silk
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:

  • Shafts: 4
  • Reed: 10 dent
  • Weaving width: 12.33″
  • Finished Dimensions: 10″ X 67″ (plus fringe)

Each kit includes:

  • Weaving instructions (including draft)
  • 2 cones of 18/2 Zephyr – Indigo
  • 1 cone of 18/2 Zephyr – Mulberry
  • 1 cone of 18/2 Zephyr -Chartreuse

Additional information

Weight 390 g
Dimensions 14 × 24 × 7 cm


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