Harvest Splendour Tea Towel Kit


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A few weeks back Joan and I were wandering around the yard marveling at all the fall colours.  We started to collect little piles of leaves , twigs and  Japanese maple helicopters J , it was such a beautiful pile.  When we got back to the studio I was looking at variety of colour and decided to design these towels.   I started with a 3 stripe overall division of space but after I wove them I decided to make the sides a bit narrower and the centre stripes a bit wider.  I know this will give you more curry and brass to play with while weaving and I love those zinger accents in the weft.

This kit will make 8 beautiful tea towels

Loom requirements:

  • 4 Shaft
  • Reed used: 12 dent (or use your reed substitution chart)
  • width in reed 21 1/4″

kit includes: 1- 8/2 organic cotton burnt orange, 2- 8/2 organic cotton curry, 1- 8/2 organic cotton deep plum, 1- 8/2 organic cotton brass, 1- 8/2 organic cotton burgundy, 1- 8/2 organic cotton brick red

This kit will make 5 tea towels.

Additional information

Weight 680.0000 g
Dimensions 16.0000 × 15.0000 × 11.0000 cm


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