Harrisville Shetland – Aubergine


100% Wool available in 1/2 lb cones – 900 yds/cone (1800 yds per lb).  Harrisville Shetland is spun more tightly (higher turns per inch) so it is highly durable and will wear better and better every year.

Washing makes the yarn even softer and denser. The fibres blossom and have the ability to full and felt. Even if you knit with our skeins, it’s still a good idea to wash and block your finished project. The fulling of fabrics has three variables: 1 – the temperature of the water; 2 – the strength of agitation; and 3 – the presence of a fulling agent which is soap. It is always a good idea to weave an extra foot or two to experiment with. For maximum fulling, choose an open sett. Check our Fulling Instructions in the JST Knowledge Base for more tips!

Plain Weave: 8 epi & 8 ppi will give you a warm and cosy, yet light and squooshy fabric.
Twill: 10 epi & 10 ppi will give you a yummy blanket fabric and at 12 epi & 12 ppi will produce a slightly firmer cloth.

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