Fulford Mist Linen & Silk Scarves


Fulford Mist Linen & Silk Scarves

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Here on Salt Spring Island, we are so lucky to live near both the ocean and the mountains. At Fulford Harbour you can admire the two at once, especially as you approach the island on the ferry. Lovely deep ocean views complemented by misty mountain tops – so West Coast, so subtle and inspiring.

These elegant scarves are made with two colours of our 30/2 silk woven on our 40/2 linen in a timeless 2/2 twill. The combination of crisp linen and shimmering silk is exquisite.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: 2/2 Twill Weave
Material: 30/2 Bombyx Silk & 40/2 linen
Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Loom requirements:

  • Shafts: 4
  • Reed: 12 dent
  • Width in the reed: 16″

Each kit includes:

  • Weaving instructions (including draft)
  • 1 skein of 30/2 Bombyx Margaretta Violetta
  • 1 skein of 30/2 Bombyx Salt Spring Sky
  • 1 cone of 40/2 linen Olive
  • 1 cone of 40/2 linen Teal

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 29 × 24 × 9 cm


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