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It’s taken weeks but you’ve finally finished your latest beautiful creation. Just give it a quick wash and it’ll be ready for its glorious debut… but the dye has run! The yarn was supposed to be colour-fast! You stupid washing machine, how could you do this to me!!!

Fear not, for ye shall soon achieve dye-run-redemption via the wonder of Color & Dirt Collectors. One sheet added to your wash water, whether you wash by machine or by hand, will grab any fugitive colour lurking around in your yarn. They are truly amazing!

Directions for use

Place the Colour & Dirt Collector sheet in the wash. Front loading machines: place sheet at the back of the drum. Then load the clothes, adding detergent as normal.
Loose colour & dirt will be trapped on the sheet during the wash cycle – at any temperature.
Simply remove the sheet at the end of the wash and throw away. You can see the trapped colour & dirt on the sheet.


30 disposable sheets (11.5 cm x 21 cm) per pack.


  • New coloured items should be washed separately first, as product performance cannot be guaranteed where there are excessive amounts of colour bleed.
  • Always check the garment care label and machine instructions beforehand.
  • Use two sheets for heavily dyed garments (particularly cotton) or those with poor colour fastness.

Works on Standard and High-Efficiency Machines

Safety Data Sheet PDF: Download

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