Canvas Weave Baby Blankie Kit

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Canvas Weave Baby Blankie Kit

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This kit is a variation of our very popular Monte Cristo Baby Balankie kit.

We feel that a Baby Blanket needs to be your little one’s best friend.  It needs to be snuggly & cuddly.  My son Daniel was given such a blankie when he was born, soft, luscious and always there to wrap him in love and warmth.  He always wanted to know where ‘she’ was and to this day (17 years later) she can still be found hanging out in his room.  (Daniel gave me permission to make this public knowledge :^).  Blankie doesn’t look quite this good anymore but even though she’s been washed and thrown in the dryer about 10 million times she’s hangin’ in there.

We thought it only fitting to put blankie into a pattern for other schnookums in our lives.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

Weave structure: 4 shaft canvas weave
Material: Monte Cristo cotton & 8/4 cotton
Each kit makes: 1 blanket

Loom requirements:

  • Shafts: 4
  • Weaving Width: 35″
  • Reed: 12 dent

Each kit includes:

  • Weaving instructions (including draft)
  • 1 1lb cone of Monte Cristo cotton
  • 1 cone 8/4 cotton-nile
  • 1 cone 8/4 cotton -periwinkle

We can make this kit in any colour you like! Simply, put the Canvas Weave Baby Blanket kit into your cart, on the checkout screen in the “notes” section let us know what colours of 8/4 cotton you would like us to make the kit in.



Additional information

Weight 985 g
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 14 cm

1 review for Canvas Weave Baby Blankie Kit

  1. lwilson3329 (verified owner)

    I’m finally getting down to weaving the baby blanket kit after having to reorder more yard assuming that the $100. kit made 2 blankets. Jane always says she warps for more than one. Very Expensive baby blanket in my opinion and I had to reorder due to my assumption. $200.00 for two small baby blankets.
    I don’t find your instructions very clear and having to figure out things on my own like the type of hand-stitching that should be used. I have order 3 or 4 kits from your guild and subscribed 3 years. I find much of the videos such as the log cabin in the recent study lacking in detail. Perhaps it is my lack of knowledge and having been self-taught with just videos to help but I am frustrated and disappointed.
    Question: for the bundles, it says bundle in bunches of 4. is that 4 threats or is 4 green and 4 Monte Cristo as they are warped by 2. Then it says weave 56 to 58″, or longer if you want. What is the max length allowed? the warp is 84″. Also it says when you start to throw 2 picks of plain weave, is that 1-3 then 2-4 and i do that twice? or just once? I have not resubscribed to your site for next year. Still debating if I should bother or try elsewhere.

    • Jane

      Hi there Lorraine,
      When I am weaving I always warp for more than one piece but I don’t assume that everyone wants to. In the product description it states that the kit is for one blanket. I’m sorry you didn’t notice that.
      (Kit yields 1 Blankie), it is the addition of the 8/4 cotton in two colours to get that lovely colour effect that increases the cost of the kit. Plain weave is 1 and 3 against 2 and 4. You just need 2 picks of plain weave to hemstitch on. It tells you to hemstitch 4 ends together but the 1st and last bunch will include your floating selvedge. You will have 2 Monte Cristo ends and 2 8/4 cotton ends in each bunch….just as they sit together. 8/4, boucle, boucle, 8/4….that is what makes the Canvas Weave Unit. The warp is 84″ long but that includes your loom loss and take up. It is hard to gauge loom loss as it is different on different looms. We have allowed 16″ for loom loss, 10″ for fringes and 56-58″ for the blanket. The pattern tells you to make a 4 yd. warp if you have an extra cone of Monte Cristo which you do have. Most likely you will not need those extra 2 cones of 8/4 cotton which we will happily let you return.

      The videos in the online guild are designed to be viewed in order. There is so much information in them that sometimes a 2nd viewing really helps bring home all the ideas.

      Hope this helps,

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