Autumn Orchard Shetland Wraps


Autumn Orchard Shetland Wraps

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Autumn is a wonderful time of the year on Salt Spring Island. We are lucky to be able to grow and harvest an amazing selection of nature’s bounty every fall. As late summer moves into autumn, I love watching the colours of the island’s orchards change as the fruit ripens – their colours feed my imagination as I wander on my walks. One of the first signs of autumn for me, is spotting the different varieties of apples as they start to shift their colours and become yellow, or red tones and the rainbow of colours in between. Picture yourself wrapped in the warm colours of ripening fruit with your own Autumn Orchard wrap.


Level of Difficulty:  Beginner
Weave structure: Plain Weave
Material: Harrisville Shetland
Each kit makes: 2 wraps (25.5″ X 74″ plus fringes)

Loom requirements:

  • Shafts: 4
  • Reed: 8 dent
  • Weaving width: 32″

Each kit includes:

  • Weaving instructions (including draft)
  • 1 cone of Harrisville Shetland – Chianti
  • 1 cone of Harrisville Shetland – Topaz
  • 1 cone of Harrisville Shetland – Tundra
  • 1 cone of Harrisville Shetland – Blackcherry

Additional information

Weight 1035 g
Dimensions 31 × 18 × 20 cm


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