Arlene’s Organic Cottolin Tea Towel Kit – 4 Towels


This kit makes four deliciously practical tea towels.

Weaving level: advanced beginner weaver

Loom requirements:

  • 4 shaft
  • Weaving width of 24″ minimum
  • Reed used: 12 dent (or use your reed substitution chart)

This kit is woven in a combination of Bronson Lace and Plain Weave and contains:

3 cones of Organic Cottolin:

  • Natural x 2
  • one cone of either Rich Red or Deep Red (depending on the colour scheme selected)

The Deep Red is the darker, oxblood colour, and the Rich Red is the lighter, truer red.

Feel free to choose your own zinger from any of our organic cottolin colours, just write us a note when you check out!

I love to teach skills that will help weavers develop their own ideas and creative sensibility to become independent designers. Tea towels are a small and inexpensive way to experiment without the financial stress of expensive yarns.

Once you have a successful towel you can look at it as a design sketch for a blanket, a placemat, a piece of yardage or a scarf…….the possibilities are endless and on top of all that, tea towels make wonderful gifts.

This towel was designed by Arlene Kohut. What a great way to bring lace into the kitchen! Functional and beautiful in 2/8 organic cottolin, a lovely accent to hang on your stove or wall.


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