Abalone and Ebony Tea Towel and Scarf PDF Pattern Download

The pattern is available to everyone in our community at a price that anyone could pay… whatever you want. You enter the $ amount you want to pay/donate. Please note, this pattern is suited to an intemediate weaver.



We are delighted to once again bring you a beautiful “Pay What You Want” pattern to benefit the Maiwa Foundation and this one has been created by Barbara Mitchell.  If there is one thing that Barbara and I have in common it is the urge to just play at our looms to see what will happen.  Barbara started off with the plan to “play” with Bronson Spot but, before she even got to the point of winding her warp, she thought … what if I layer it with Log Cabin – and the magic began!  She has created a canvas for you, so you can wonder “what if? Barbara has generously shared this amazing draft to give us another opportunity to work towards our goal of helping the Maiwa Foundation. The Foundation is supporting the carpet weavers and leatherworkers of The Artisan’s Alliance of Jawaja, along with other artisan groups across India. However, the Jawaja group has been more deeply affected by COVID-19 than other groups, as we have shared with you in previous newsletters. Because of the strict lockdowns and restricted international travel, this group has not been able to sell their goods through their normal channels in India – via craft fairs, where their work is sold through craft alliances and in airport boutiques. To add to their challenges, they have also had problems accessing the supplies they need to create their unique line of products. Their whole income flow has been affected and this is where we can help the Maiwa Foundation help them.”

Abalone & Ebony Tea Towel & Scarf (4 shaft) PDF pattern is available for download by donation. I decided that I would make the pattern available to everyone in our community at a price that anyone could pay… whatever you want. You enter the $ amount you want to pay/donate. This 4 shaft pattern is 6 pages and includes images and instructions for 3 towels and 1 scarf and has an approximate value of $10.00 CAD. This pattern is best suited for an Intermediate weaver. All proceeds from the Abalone & Ebony pattern will be donated directly to the Maiwa Foundation.

Treat yourself to a project that will have you mentally wandering a west coast beach. Something catches your eye; you pick it up, turn it over see the beautiful colours of abalone sparkling up at you hidden inside a clamshell. Look closer and you will see that it’s framed by the ebony black of the outside of the shell.  As you know, I love anything that is nicely framed   🙂




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