40/2 Linen – Hickory


2/40 wet spun line linen, 100g cones – 1320 yds/cone (6,000 yds/lb).

Extraordinarily supple linen, perfect for your elegant scarves, wraps, and more!

Plain weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi to create a crisp but still drapey fabric
30 epi and 30 ppi to create a little crisper fabric which will still be soft.

Combined with 30/2 silk in the warp and weft:
Plain Weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi for a beautiful, stable and drapey fabric

Using 30/2 silk as the warp and 40/2 linen as the weft:
Plain Weave: 30 epi and 30 ppi for a fabulous, drapey fabric that is a little firmer than above.

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