20/2 Bombyx Spun Silk


This wonderful undyed 100% Bombyx Silk is spun in Switzerland and is available in 100g skeins with 1100 yds/skein (5000 yds/lb).  Create your personal palette with natural or chemical dyes!

This silk produces a lusciously soft fabric. We recommend that when winding your warp you wind with 2 ends in your hand. This will reduce the number of interlacements going through your lease sticks and make winding on much easier.

If you can’t buy two skeins, then wind your single skein into two balls. It is also advisable to wind this silk onto spools or if using a ball winder to put a sleeve on the ball winder. Access the yarn from the outside of the ball rather than the inside.

For optimum drape we sett it at 20 epi for Plain Weave and 24 for Twill.  Check out Jane’s Master Sett Chart for ideas and setts for combining silk with other fibres.

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Wind this skein to a spool

Wind this yarn onto a styrene spool (fee includes styrene spool).


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