Harrisville Shetland

100% Wool available in 1/2 lb cones (250 gr.) – 900 yds/cone.
A fine lightweight 2-ply wool yarn. Harrisville yarns have been used by weavers for over 35 years. Washing makes the yarn even softer and more dense. The fibers blossom and have the ability to full and felt. Even if you knit with our washed skeins, it's still a good idea to wash and block your finished project. The fulling of fabrics has three variables:  1. temperature of the water  2. the strength of agitation and 3. the presence of a fulling agent which is soap. It is always a good idea to weave an extra foot or two to experiment with. For maximum fulling, choose an open sett. Check our Fulling Instructions for more tips!
Plain Weave: 8-10 epi
Twill: 10-12 epi

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