Hand Dyed 30/2 Bombyx Silk

This exquisite silk line has been hand dyed with Jane Stafford Textiles’ exclusive Hot Line of 42 colours.  The same as our undyed 100% Silk Spun in Switzerland. 30/2 7500 yds/lb. Available in 100 gr. skeins with 1650 yds/skein.  This yarn is extremely soft and as with all softly spun silk yarns there are a few things that will make your life easier when using them.

One thing I do with any softly spun yarn is wind two ends together while making my warps. This cuts down on the interlacements going through the lease sticks. You have 2 ends over and 2 ends under rather than 1 and 1….this helps immensely. We also wind our silks onto spools and not into balls because balls of very fine yarn often end up messy. If you do wind it into a ball take your active end from the outside so it doesn’t rub against itself on the inside. Some balls winders let you put a sleeve on, like the inside of a toilet paper roll and then you can wind onto it which helps the center of the ball stay stable. Hope this is helpful.

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