7 gauge Bambu is available in 100 g cones with 462 yds/cone (2,100 yds/lb)

The raw material is derived exclusively from the pulp of bamboo trees grown under sustainable agricultural practices. Because the base is consistently lighter than that of pulp taken from typical trees harvested for common rayon, the production of our Bamboo yarn is subject to less chemical treatment than that usually applied to the production of common rayon. We recommend twisting your fringes before washing.


  • plain weave: 14-16 epi for a very drapey cloth,
  • twill 16-18 epi for a very drapey cloth.
Bambu 7 - Crocus - 100 gUS$14.81

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Bambu 7 - Periwinkle - 100 gUS$14.81

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