Online Guild Index (beta version)

Note: this index is still in testing. To access this content, you must purchase JST Online Guild yearly membership, or log in if you are a member.

15 thoughts on “Online Guild Index (beta version)

  1. Love this search with linked video. Awesome step forward. Love the guild.

  2. Oh Jane your a marvel…. Do ewe ever slow down… Love what you are doing.

  3. Thank you so much for this index. Just invaluable for me — a new, and very inspired weaver! I can’t get enough of this world, this new language I am learning! It must have been an absolutely tremendous amount of work — please know that it is so appreciated!!

  4. thanks a lot, great tool! I mean: invaluable… As a self taught semi-beginner, I have been following for a year now and I repeatedly wished there was such an index. I will test within a few days (used to be a beta tester in software, might help). Thanks again

  5. Thanks for these videos! I have been poring over the detail of what I can see.
    My main problem as a new owner of the Jane is getting full information on set up, operation, and trouble shooting. I was not supplied with a cd, and the very experienced dealer, who supplied my loom already constructed, cannot find any help either. A crucial part of your series of your Jane help videos is also missing. Any suggestions , please?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Kathleen, you can find that information in the Knowledge Base I will try to make it easier to be found. There are quite of number of Q&As on the Jane loom that can also be found on the Knowledge Base. Look under Louet Loom Specific Questions. Let us know if this helps.

  6. Most times I find search engines to be rather frustrating, but this one is awesome! Obviously a lot of work was put into making this so a huge thank you!

  7. How do I get to the Index ?? I’m on the page Online Guild Index, but there is no link to it.
    Desperate and frustrated!

  8. Hi Irene,
    Sorry your having problems, could you make sure that you’re logged into your account, if you are, you should be able to type in the Beta ‘search index’ part. If you’re looking for the PDF Indexes, when you’re on the drop menu where it says ‘Indexes’, just below it click on the individual Season 1, Season 2, etc it will take you to the downloadable PDF. Let us know if you’re still having issues accessing the Indexes.

  9. Hello Jane,
    When I add floating salvages…….the weights unspin the fiber(mostly on cotton). Are these questions allowed here?
    Thank you. Be safe. Make good memories.

    1. Hi Daria,
      The best place to ask a question is on the Online Guild Forum right here
      As to your floating selvedges, are you able to reduce the amount of weight that is holding them down to see if it helps eliminate how much the fiber is undoing itself?

  10. I am a member and I am logged in (checked twice to make sure), and I can’t find the index either. I tried using “Search Products,” and nothing came up.

    1. Hi Fran,
      Are you looking for the PDF index? If so, you can find them on the drop menu, learn then Indexes or on the Lesson page right at the top of this page:

  11. Very frustrated. I am definitely logged in and on the page that says’ ‘Online Guild Index (beta version) but I cannot see anyplace where I can do a search. HELP

    1. Hi Kate, the search bar is just under the video. It doesn’t stand out, but it is there. Let us know if you are still having problems.

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