Maiwa on Salt Spring

“Throughout the world, excellence in craft is a viable way for craftspeople to communicate the essence of their culture, where they live and who they are. The creativity of craftspeople provides a window into the diversity and depth of their lives. The work builds a bridge between themselves and the rest of the world to ensure that they are never forgotten.”
– Maiwa Handprints

Jane Stafford Textiles is a proud supporter of Maiwa Handprints’ work with traditional artisans in India and in developing countries around the world. We are so pleased to be able to provide space for a boutique of Maiwa’s clothing, textiles and accessories – right here on Salt Spring Island!

The Maiwa Foundation focuses on preserving crafts that are in danger of disappearing and in helping groups that have lost skills to re-learn and return to their former proficiency. In India, Maiwa works to support artisans in their communities, providing them with a global market and ensuring the continuation of their crafts. These communities produce exquisite pieces using age-old techniques in weaving, natural dyeing, block printing, embroidery, and leatherwork. The detailed work and unparalleled quality stands testament to the artisans’ skill and experience. Without Maiwa sponsorship, most of these skills, carefully learned and passed down for generations, would be quickly lost in an increasingly global and industrialized world. Maiwa acts as a vital link for these communities, aiding in the resurgence of their craft and purchasing their work. Wearing a Maiwa garment is a beautiful testament to the creativity and skill of the artisans and a statement against the loss of such work in a world where the value of “slow clothes” – and as a result the support of their makers – has almost disappeared.

JST seeks to reverse this trend by lending their support to these artisans and creating a shop dedicated to the sale of their products. “Maiwa on Salt Spring” is an exquisite display of colour, texture, and style.

The natural dyes, hand woven cloth, blockprinted material, and carefully sewn clothing create an overwhelming display of fine crafts – a beautiful accent for any home or wardrobe. JST stocks a hand-picked selection of garments, table linens, bedding, and leather goods, each carefully made by some of the world’s finest artisans. Come and visit our studio for a glimpse into the life of Indian artisans and to support their incredible work.

Visit us in person at 142 Richard Flack Road on Salt Spring Island.

Online shopping only. The store is closed until further notice, sorry.