Winding mohair bobbins

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I’ve just started a shawl, Harrisville Shetland warp and mohair weft. Anyone have any tips on winding bobbins of mohair in such a way that the hairs don’t get caught up and end up tugging the selvedges?

I have woven about 4 million mohair blankets in my life.  I use a regular 4” bobbin.  When I am winding it I keep my finger running right along the bobbin with the yarn running through my fingers.  This helps you wind a tight bobbin.  When the yarn runs through your fingers just before hitting the bobbin it lays all the brushed mohair down against the shaft of the yarn.  Wind the full width of your bobbin, back and forth until it is 1/2 full then start moving in for the sausage shape.  You don’t want mohair at the edge of your bobbin when it gets close to the top. Basically you will be doing what I have taught you, except you are going to exaggerate it a little more. Start the moving in process earlier than you would a regular bobbin.  My bobbins are quite tight and I can typically get about 4” worth of weaving off of one bobbin.  That is when I’m doing plain weave at 6 ppi.  I would rather use the 4” bobbins in the shuttles that fit my hand perfectly than use a 5” bobbin in a shuttle that is cumbersome in my hand.  You don’t get that much more yarn on a 5” bobbin than a 4” bobbin, but the shuttle is 2” longer and heavier.

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