What to do with extra harnesses and lamms on Louet Spring

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I’ve just received my long-awaited Spring loom.  I went for broke and got a 12 harness loom.  I’m almost ready to put on my first project.  (It went together beautifully). Here’s my question.  Since I’m new to the loom, I’m thinking it’s a good idea to be on the less ambitious side, and start with something simple – such as an 8 harness pattern.  What do I do with the extra harnesses and lamms?  I used to have a Glimakra countermarche, and I simply took off the extras. Do I do the same with the Spring? Or is it better to start with all 12 harnesses?  I’m not a new weaver.  I’m just new to this loom.  Thanks.

Congratulations on your new loom.  You can weave on any number of shafts, even just 2 :^)   I leave the blocking pin on any shafts that aren’t in use.  You insert the pin from the back and pick up anything that isn’t being used and then they just sit there as happy as can be.  Don’t take the harnesses off, phew…that would be a horrible job. You also don’t tie-up any treadles that aren’t in use.

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