What can I weave on my Spring Loom – rugs, blankets??

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I’m a weaver from Austria and I got my brand new Louet Spring Loom a few days ago. Now it’s fully assembled but I’m wondering if the Spring Loom is sturdy enough (especially the beater) for rug weaving too? 

You will be fine weaving a rug on the Spring.  The floating breast beam takes all the stress off of the frame of the loom and the large shed allows the weft to snug right into the fell. Change your shed while the beater is against the fell of the cloth and SQUISH with the beater.  All will be good. One more thing, if anyone else is wondering about rugs on a Spring Loom.  If I were picking a loom just to weave rugs I probably wouldn’t choose a Spring but if you want an awesome all-purpose loom that can weave gossamer fabrics and the occasional rug the Spring is perfect.  I do not consider myself a rug weaver but I have woven several rugs on my Spring and they turned out extremely well and the loom didn’t suffer one bit.

I’m looking at investing in a Spring 110, so was interested in your answer to the above question about rag rugs.  I would like to make a few throws/blankets, double-weave to the full width of the Spring 110, but wanted an all-purpose loom that would fit in my home with a low profile.  My current loom, an 8 shaft LeClerc colonial, is too big for me and my new home.  I was told that the Spring was too lightweight for blankets, not much heavier than the David which I have woven on.  In your opinion would it be suitable for the occasional blanket?

My goodness, I can’t believe people say those things.  Yes, you can weave a blanket on a Spring.  I have woven hundreds on my Spring.  Please spread the word.

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