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I’ve woven a scarf, 18/2 silk and merino. 15 epi, 8″ wide, two one inch open spaces. (two inches warp, one inch open, two inches warp one inch open, two inches warp). It’s somewhat fragile and I am trying to felt it. Will this combo felt. I am spraying with hot water on the scarf on bubble wrap and rolling and manipulating. It is better but hasn’t actually felted much. Can I carefully dip it in very hot water and then roll it? Any tips much appreciated and thanks in advance for your valuable time!!!

It will felt. It is very fragile at first. When I take it off the loom, I gently lower it into the kitchen sink filled with hot water and dish soap. I squoosh it around for a few minutes and that kind of locks it. I then finish it on the washboard. I put one section flat on the board, put both my hands on top and rub it gently up and down. I count to 50 then move to the next section. I go through the whole scarf once and then decide whether it needs a 2nd go or not. It takes about 15 minutes to do it once.

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