Wet finishing fine yarn fabrics

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I have recently woven a 20/2 silk scarf in a lace weave, which turned out beautifully. However, when I washed it, spun it for 30 seconds in the gentle spin, hung to dry and ironed it dampish, the fabric is still showing creases, which won’t iron out.  The same thing happened with the last three bamboo scarves in plain weave.  I cannot get the creases out.  I rewashed them but it didn’t make a difference.  Where have I gone wrong?

Silk loves to crease when it is wet.  When I wash my silk, I never wring it out.  I have always hand washed my silk scarves and stoles in the kitchen sink and I let them drip dry in my shower. Imagine taking your silk scarf and lowering it into your sink, lowering it down like an accordion.  I then raise and lower the silk up and down to wash it.  When I have finished the washing I accordion it into a lasagna pan sitting beside the sink.  Rinse it the same way, always ‘accordioning’ it, never wringing it.  I then take the lasagna pan up to the shower and drape the scarf over a broom handle stretched across the shower (I have a corner shower) and I let the scarf drip dry.  Then I steam press it with a thin cloth over it.  Same thing with any fine yarn, like the bamboo.

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