Weaving with linen and silk

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Just did a dumb thing…. I am weaving a scarf in the herringbone variation in M Davison’ s book using Tussah silk in the weft and organic cotton in the warp.  I took, what I thought was the organic cotton from my shelf and discovered, when I ran out on my warping board, that I had picked up euro flax lace.  Of course I ran out as there are fewer yards on the cone 🙁 Will it make a difference to the ‘hand’ of the scarf if I go ahead and use it….in which case I will order another cone of the flax in grey….BTW…was going with. 24 ppi …or should I just label it and use it for something else and put the organic cotton on??? Such a stupid thing…the two were side by side on the shelf.

The hand will be different with the linen, but it could be stunning….I just can’t guarantee what it will be like because I haven’t tried that.  It is intriguing though ….  I think I would try it. I would try it at around 18 epi for the twill and 18 ppi with the tussah, which is the sett for the cotton and silk in Plain Weave.   The Cotton and Silk in Twill would be more along the 22-24 epi range.  Try it out, I would love to see the outcome.  With the drop in epi, you might have enough on that cone.

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