Weaving distances on the Jane Loom

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What is the depth between the beater (let’s say the resting position) and the inner edge of the breast beam?

You can easily weave 4-5″ on the Jane Loom without having to advance.  The beater is held back right against the shafts by little bumpers that are built into the frame.  The beater doesn’t just hang there in your weaving space and you don’t have to hold it back because of those bumpers do it for you.  You just have to push the beater back.  So……the the beater in it’s retracted position to the fell line is 9″,  I am including a few photos with measurements along with close-ups of the little bumpers.

The bumper in front of the beater when it’s pushed all the way back.

The bumper behind the beater when the beater is closer to the fell.

The warp advanced to where you have a comfortable fell line for the beater to hit properly.

I left the warp in the exact same position and started to weave further up closer to the beater.

I wove for 5 ” and the photos below show the remaining shed and cords at the top of the loom.

If the weaver weaves too much closer than this it puts a strain on the cords and elastic that hold each shaft making the cords go slack.  So….the weaver should not weave beyond that point.

Occasionally the cords have to be snugged up a little bit when the loom is new, see the photo below.

The cords on a new Jane Loom

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