Warping the Louet Jane

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I just bought a new Louet Jane table loom, 40 cm., and as a rusty weaver, I am flummoxed as to how to begin warping it.  I used the Jane over a year ago at a re-intro to weaving, so am a little familiar with it, but – would there be a video I could find, or what do you advise?  I found one site that had photos, but I’m afraid the weaver somehow jumped ahead of my comprehension right off the bat.  I am a perennial beginner, it seems.  Thank you.  (The loom came with put-together instructions but not warping instructions; do they exist from Louet?)

A new Louet loom is supposed to come with a DVD and a warping instruction manual.  There is always a chance that they were inadvertently left out of the box when it was packed or perhaps the dealer who sold you your loom forgot to give them to you.  You will find a link below that will give you a PDF version of the warping instructions.

Warping the Jane Loom

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