Warping and weaving with two beams on Spring

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I have a Louët Spring loom 90 – 8 harnesses and  upgrade it with a second back warp beam.  Before warping some new project on it, I  wondered about the brake.  On the initial warp beam there is a brake, and when I release it, the warp moves forward.  On the second there is none, only the dented wheel and a small piece of metal.  Could you  give me some more info on warping and weaving with these two beams?  Do you have any info or docs about the way the warp correctly. 

It is quite normal to have only 1 friction brake on a loom with 2 beams.   It is very difficult to have 2 friction brakes that release exactly the same amount of warp at the same time.  With this system you release the warp on the beam with the friction brake and then you get up and manually release the amount needed on the 2nd beam…..this allows you to fine tune the warp tension so you can continue to weave. You always need to do minor adjustments to the tension on your warps  when you are weaving with two warps.  I would warp the bottom beam first and then I would warp the top beam.  You will need two sets of lease sticks and then you thread the ends from the appropriate lease sticks as you need them.

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