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My 15” Jane arrived a couple of weeks ago and I’m trying to find the time to play with her. I got the stand too and extra heddles.  You mentioned on in a post on Ravelry “that you could put both the warp beam and the thread beam down into the stand and you could put longer warps on her.”  I’m trying to visualize the “moving the beams down into the stand” – where on the stand would this be?

If you are standing at the front of your loom…on the right-hand side of the stand, there are 2 holes.  On the opposite side, there are 2 round indented holes.  The top set of holes is for your cloth beam and the bottom set of holes is for your warp beam.  You have to remove the ratchets from the beams and pull out the beams from the main loom and slide them into your stand and put back the ratchets.  The pawls screw into the frame of the stands as well.  With the stand, I think you get a set of longer apron cords too.

Is it possible to move the cloth beam down to the stand, and leave the warp beam attached to the loom itself?  Also, if the loom is on the stand, with one or both beams moved down to the stand, and the loom is warped, is it still foldable & portable.  If so, to what extent?

Yes, you can move one beam down without moving the other beam.  This will make it less portable.  When either beam has been moved to the stand you cannot take the loom off of the stand so it folds and locks.  The loom only locks when it is off of the stand. However, you can still move the Jane on the stand as it is not very heavy.  Hope this helps.

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