Using non-Louet reeds on the David’s new beater + oiling tip

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I’ve just bought a David.  I’m really pleased with the spring action of the loom.  Many aspects of the design are terrific.  I’m not so pleased with the new beater.  Even when fully tightened, the “knurled nuts” on either side don’t seem to hold the reed securely in place.  As I weave, they pop out from time to time, releasing the reed.  More than that, I don’t care for the kinetics of it.  It seems to require a push action as much as a pull, since it has no momentum of its own.  Over many yards or hours of weaving, this results in a lot more hand and shoulder fatigue than other types of beaters. What can you suggest?

I have found that the Louet reeds hold well enough but when I use reeds from other companies that are a little taller or have a thicker top and bottom my whorled nuts were not holding either.  I unscrewed the rods a few turns from the base nut which gives me more length up top.  This seems to be working very well.  I have been doing it for around 4 months with a lot of weaving on the loom. I also put a drop of oil on the rods that the beater runs on and that has really aided the movement of the beater.  I have had to reapply the drop of oil every couple of projects.

Very good report: Tweaking the nuts helped with the stability of the reed and beater — not only keeping the reed in place, but diminishing the rocking motion of the reed within its channel. Lubricating the rods was a great idea.  I used the same sewing machine oil I use on my bobbin winder.  I’m going to follow your advice about the frequency of adding a drop of oil and I’m curious about the long-term effect, possible build-up, etc. Not only is the beater motion, and thus the weaving experience, better — the beat is better too!  I’m beating consistently square now that I’m not fighting the beater so much.

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