Using lease sticks on an Octado

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I am now the owner of an Octado Electronic Dobby Loom (4 days ago). My question has to do with the lease sticks and where to tie them on this loom. I have watched the DVD’s a number of times and have picked up quite a few hints. But as this is demonstrated on the Spring there is nothing to tell me where to tie the lease stick on the Octado. There is also nothing on the Louet site giving specific info on how to tie the lease sticks.

Basically, everything is the same except where you half hitch the cords initially.   If you are standing at the back of the loom the right side is half hitched around the castle upright just like on the Spring loom.  The left side is your problem child because it is where the dobby box sits.  I half hitch it out to the side along the upright that holds the dobby box.  It just looks weird but it works the same way.

Congratulations on your new loom.

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