Uneven harnesses on my new-to-me David loom

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I just purchased a second hand David loom and I’m having trouble finding anybody that can help me with a few questions.  I was wondering if anyone can help me out?  It’s about the harness.  They are all uneven. There are no two at the same height.  Shouldn’t they all be level?  They are also lopsided, higher on one end, individually. I checked the teslov cords and they are all in the correct hole.  Should I just even them all out using the holes in the teslov cords or is there a different way? Thanks!!

You should pop the lid off the castle. Take the blocking pin and stick it up underneath the lid and it will help lift up the lid up and off. Then check to see that the texsolv cords are all sitting nicely in their grooves. Sometimes they pop out when moving a David and that can make the harnesses uneven. If that doesn’t put everything in alignment I would send this question to Louet. You can also go to YouTube and see a video of me demonstrating on a David 1 …. Hope this helps.

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