Too many heddles?

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I’ve just put a fairly wide warp on my 45″ Hollandia…. Trouble is that I’ve got some distortion at the selvedges because there are more heddles than warp ends.  I’ve thought that if I weave the whole blanket off in one sitting, then maybe the distortion won’t cause me much grief.  Other than taking the heddles off, which as you know is a monstrous pain-in-the-everything, any other suggestions?  Or am I overreacting…again?

You may be overreacting.  You have 2 options.

1.   If you haven’t already threaded your loom you could bury extra heddles every few ends along the way.  ie. Thread 1,2,3,4 then leave an empty heddle on 1,2,3,4 then thread again.  keep doing this until you have gotten rid of all your extras.

2.  If your extra heddles left at the side take up less space than say 2″ or 3″ it probably won’t matter.

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